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Somi Fabric Building Structure

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Somi Fabric Building Structure

Tension Membrane Structures are designed toughness decorative, Constructability Economics, Eco Friendly Structure, Durability, Safety, Freestyle, Various production available.

Designed toughness decorative
Free-form, smooth images, features a variety of colors.
Upbeat image, Adjust of expansion & reduction, circular, spiral.

Constructability Economics
Short-term construction assembly is economical compared to regular buildings.
Easy transport even where the traffic can be uncomfortable owing to material is lightweight material.
Depending on site conditions and then assembled the entire structure may be moved by crane.
Easy disassembly/assembly with bolt.

ECO-friendly structure
Possiblity of 100% recycling and restoration.
Aluminum / membrane harmless, odorless/ corrosion resistance is strong, so environmentally friendly.
Using low carbon products.
Forced air circulation system(inner air cleaner) patent.

Per second 30~50m/sec (A grade average hurricane 35m/sec)of the storm, as the structure has been proven to withstand heavy snow in September 2004 after installing environmental facilities in Nagoya, Japan typhoon second exp(43m/sec) endured in, Sendai, Japan, March-2011 9.0 earthquake in the strength to endure seismic structural design.
The life of a semi-high-strength aluminum itself is the incombustible and quality assurance is possible from 8 years to 25 years.
There is no cover snow, rain on structure owing to membrane low coefficient of friction
Structure calculations by installation, climate and environment.

The formation of large space
To create a streamlined structure can be installed where it is windy.
Height ceilings and large interior space (8M~70M) can secure.
Light is easy to build large space structures.

Land on Which construction is relatively unaffected in the form of free-form(possibility of transfer installment)
installed(previously can be installed)

Various production
Lighting load can be minimized by the natural light-skylight.
Structure can produce a variety used by doors, windows, canopies, ventilating grille.

Fabricate Tent(Application)

Fabricate Tent | Somi-membrane structures can be applied to industrial facilities, sports facilities, exhibition, environment facilities, multi-purpose facilities and etc.

Industrial Facilities
factory, warehouse, landscaping, research facilities, corporate training center

Sports Facilities
tennis, badminton, basketball, festal field, golf, horse riding practice, indoor sports, facilities resalable roof of indoor stadium, resalable structure of indoor stadium

theater, events hall, exhibitions, amusement parks, theme parks

Environment Facilities
waste water treatment plants, sewage treatment plant

Multipurpose Facilities
military facilities, education training facilities, accommodations, emergency shelters, cafeteria facilities

Membrane aluminum marquee(Standard Configurations)

Aluminum Marquee | Han A Tech's Somi-membrane structure offers different Standard configurations such as FR type, FF Type and Dome Type



Membrane Structure has Aluminum Beam, Membrane using ECM, PVDF, PVF, Glass Fiber, various color pattern

Membrane structures Aluminum Beam

Aluminum 6601-T6 alloy, specific gravity 2.71, Weight ratio 1/3 comparing with steel(7,8). very thin and compact oxide membrane with reaction to oxygen. rust proof, semi permanent life expectancy. non-toxic, odorless, low melting point, exceptional adaptability, easier recycle, environment-friendly product.


Membrane Structures Specification

Tensile strength
Yield strength
Natural Fin


Han A TECH's using ECM, PVDF, PVF, and glass fiber membranes. Han A TECH's glass fiber membranes has significant life spans of up to 15~25 years. Use of membranes dramatically increased last few decades.


Membrane Color Pattern

Membrane structures Insulation

An important component of somi-structure insulation package. In addition to providing comfort, reducing the cost of climate control and absorbing sound for better acoustic properly insulating a structure helps reduce energy costs and makes financial sense even for relatively short-term applications. Our insulation package includes, attractively finished interior liner. The liner eliminates the need for additional interior build-out for aesthetic reasons. The finished product possesses outstanding acoustical characteristics.

Fabric covered structure(Technology)

Fabric covered structure
Based on trust and integrity create new value

Somi-Membrane Structures shat we own is developed as membrane structure. Somi-Membrane Structures is composed of aluminum alloy frame and three coating membrane. Aluminum Frame and horizontal frame members made of the structure after the installation of membrane and Aluminum Frame insert membrane panel for the stability of the initial tension is introduced by such structures as a whole to resist external forces as structures with high affinity has a simple structure with a state-of-high-tech prefabricated while durability is excellent.

How to structure formation

Nonflammable membrane, Transmission coefficient, Warranty for contamination